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True Blue Conversations Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

It is the 80th anniversary of Kokoda this year and who better to have along to talk about that then Dr Karl James of the Australian War Memorial. Dr James will talk about his book, Kokoda: Beyond the Legend, and how the fighting in New Guinea from July through to November 1942 was some of the toughest of the Second World War.

The Japanese were rolling through the Pacific in early 1942 and seemed unstoppable. For the first time, Australia was virtually in the front line and experienced the effects of ‘Total War’ with the bombing of Darwin in February of that year. For many Australians, the threat of invasion seemed all too real.


But, just how significant was the battle within the Pacific theatre, and was Australia ever really in danger of a Japanese invasion? Find out as we talk about Kokoda: Beyond the Legend.


Presenter: Adam Blum

Guest: Dr Karl James

Editor: Kyle Watkins

Investigative Consultant: Adam Holloway

Academic Adviser: Margaret Strike